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Living legacies of the ozarks

Hosted by Dr. Hayden Head, Living Legacies of the Ozarks dives into the narratives that created the community we have come to know and love today. Stay tuned to experience all of the fascinating stories of Living Legacies of the Ozarks on The Vacation Channel.

Tune in with Dr. Haden Head & Edd Akers to discover the true character of the Ozarks. From College of the Ozarks to Silver Dollar City, history will come to life in this captivating interview!

Join Emalee Flatness and Dr. Haden Head as they discuss the Silver Dollar City River Rats, the roots of bluegrass music in the Ozarks, and more!

Uncover what’s fact and what’s fiction about “Ozark Hillbillies” with Curtis Copeland and Dr. Haden Head at the Ralph Foster Museum.