Online resource hub created to help families in need

By AJ Fahr
Skaggs Foundation awarded Hollister School District a three-year, $40,000 grant in late 2021 to create an online, searchable database of resources for Stone and Taney counties. The website,, launched in May.
A new source is available to help Stone and Taney County residents find resources before times of crisis. The Resource to the Rescue is a search able database, which was funded by the Skaggs Foundation, was the brainchild of Hollister Middle School Counselor Sandy Brown. The idea came to Brown when she couldn’t find an online search able database of local resources to use to help families in her district. She decided she’d take on the project herself. Just six months after receiving funding from Skaggs Foundation, the website went live, according to a press release from the Skaggs Foundation.
The website offers a resource hub for the area, according to the Resources to the Rescue website. The database offers a place for the community to easily navigate to find the help they need. “The Resources to the Rescue website stems from counselors, social workers, and other staff dreaming of an updated and maintained resource hub for our community,” Brown explained. “Many community members would begin looking for resources and the roadblocks were too overwhelming for them to continue their search. This leads to community members finding themselves in crisis.” Brown said as a school counselor, she sees families reach out for help when they are in “crisis mode.” Brown could spend hours trying to find resources to aid with everything from electric bills, rent and car repairs. She said she knew there had to be a better way, but it was going to take a lot of work.

In the spring of 2021, Brown presented the idea of a search able resource website to the Skaggs Foundation. The idea quickly evolved from helping just Hollister families to creating a database to help families and individuals throughout Stone and Taney counties, stated the release. In late 2021, Brown was awarded a three-year, $40,000 Skaggs Legacy Endowment grant to create the website. Brown brought in a team, which included a social work intern and the Hollister School District’s counseling team, to gather the information of local organizations and resources for the hub and the website built this past school year. The site went live in late May and the team is now focused on maintaining and keeping the site up-to-date. “Not only do we want to provide resources, but we also want to empower our community members to obtain these resources before they reach crisis mode,” she said. “Our hope and mission is that the Resources to the Rescue website will serve as a tool for not only the community but for organizations, agencies, service providers, schools, religious organizations, hospitals and more.” According to the website, the Resources to the Rescue team hopes to give an equal opportunity for all to have access to the information about resources available to them. “Our team realized how necessary it was for our community to have a go-to and maintained resource website,” stated the website. “Our team is actively working to strengthen the community by providing equal access to resources to promote equal opportunities and outcomes.” The website lists resources available to the area for the following needs.

  • Affordable Health Care
  • Clothing
  • Crisis
  • Family Support
  • Food
  • Mental Health
  • Personal Development
    According to the website, if an agency, organization, or service provider in Stone and Taney counties would like to join Resources to the Rescue’s website, they must fill out a questionnaire found on the website. A Resources to the Rescue team member will review the information provided in the questionnaire and then will be in contact with the agency to answer questions and finalize the information provided before publishing it on the website. There is no cost to join the hub. “Being a part of the Resources to the Rescue website will bring awareness to the services and resources your organization or agency may provide and assist those in need,” states the website. “Resources to the Rescue is a go-to resource hub that is regularly updated to best serve the needs of
    our community.” Ozark Mountain Country Cares Communications Director Susan Flores said she is grateful for Brown and the team for stepping up to take on such an important project. She said the site will not only be a great resource for families, but also help local entities understand what other organizations are doing in the community and make referrals. The site is user friendly, easy to navigate and has an online form for organizations to be able quickly and easily update their information. “Everyone in our community will be able to benefit tremendously from Resources to the Rescue,” Flores said. “For the family needing assistance, it
    will be a great place to start to access resources they need. Thank you, Hollister Schools, for initiating this much needed resource.”
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