City Celebrates Student’s Birthday Wish

By Madison Bryan for the Branson Tri-Lakes News (reprinted)

A birthday is always a joyous occasion and the city of Branson got to help one man’s 21st be one that he’ll cherish forever.

Paul Ferguson, a water tower enthusiast and student at Barnabas Prep, got to celebrate his 21st birthday with a personalized tour of Branson’s special Pacific Water Tower.

With the help of Barnabas Prep, the city of Branson Utilities Department and city staff were able to not only gift Paul with a special tour on his birthday but also welcomed him with “Happy Birthday” being played on the trumpet by H.R. Risk Manager Bob Smither, some city swag to take home and a birthday cake.

Paul said that he loved the offices located inside the water tower and the fifth floor that sits directly below where the water is held.

“When I first got the call from Laura (administrative assistant) at Barnabas, all of us were really thrilled that (Paul) was enamored with water towers, and that gave us a chance to show this tower off because when it was built it was only the second water tower in the country that had offices in it,” said Smither. “It was great for us to kind of show it off a little bit to someone who it was really going to mean a lot to. We were just all excited about it, and getting to put this whole thing together (for Paul).”

“Not everybody looks at a water tower and is (amazed). Now Paul is going to have a better view now that he’s seen the inside (and have) a whole different perspective than he would have before. So we’re really happy that we could share that.”

According to their website, Barnabas Prep is a residential collegiate program for young adults with special needs located in Branson. This Christ-centered community helps students develop a variety of independent living and vocational skills. Visit for more information.

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