New Use Found for Number One Crop in Missouri

April 14, 2021

Soybeans are the number one crop in Missouri. Now research is finding a use for crop residue; the stems, leaves and shells of soybeans, items that up to now have had no commercial value. Scientists at a research center in Kansas have found a way to use the residue to produce activated carbon material that can be used to make a new kind of battery that is more eco-friendly. The goal is to produce an efficient dual carbon battery that can be charged in just 10-15 minutes. The demand for all types of batteries is increasing 10% annually and has become a $100 billion industry globally.

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Reeds Spring School District Receives Major Donation to Youth Activities Program

The Reeds Spring Youth Activities Program received a major boost, thanks to the family of a former employee. The Brown family donated $13,000 to the program in memory of the late John Brown, who was a longtime principal and coach at Reeds Spring Schools. The Reeds Spring Youth Activities Program offers football, volleyball, basketball, baseball, softball, wrestling, running, and cheerleading to students who attend Reeds Spring Schools.

John Brown