Elevate Branson secures $1 Million Affordable Housing Project Grant

Jan 06, 2020 – Elevate Branson, a nonprofit helping Taney County families, has secured a $1 million grant for an affordable housing project.

The organization partnered with Branson Bank to receive the donation from the Federal Loan Bank of Des Moines, an extension of the Affordable Housing Competitive Funding Program.

The money will be used for the development of an Elevate Community project, one in which Branson is planning to build 48 tiny homes in a designated area. Leaders say the grant offers support to build one of the largest permanent tiny home developments in the country.

“This is a critical step in making Elevate Community possible,” says Brian Stallings, co-founder of Elevate Branson. “Not only is this funding essential for the project, but the award of this grant provides our project with credibility, stature and security. No one wonders any longer if this kind of affordable housing project can happen in Branson. It’s happening.”

“Partnering with Elevate Branson to bring $1 million from government grants to Taney County, we know this will empower our neighbors and improve our community as a whole,” says Bill Jones, president and CEO at Branson Bank.

Elevate Branson says the housing will provide “a fresh, safe positive sense of community with a philosophy of work,” in addition to job training and mentorship opportunities. Leaders could break ground on the project later this year.

The Affordable Housing Competitive Funding Program encourages collaboration between financial institutions and housing organizations to create affordable housing solutions for families in need. Since its inception in 1990, FHLB Des Moines members have helped facilitate more than $740 million in funding to help 120,000 families.

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