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Greetings from Ozark Mountain Legacy!

Whether you have lived in Ozark Mountain Country for a short or a long time, you probably can agree that there is something very special about this area that we call home.  In an era where traditional values are being threatened around our country, Ozark Mountain Country holds on tightly to – and even Champions - the values of Family, Faith, Friends, Flag and a preferred Future.  It is the unique presence of this “Ozark Mountain Spirit” that makes our community one that is attractive to both residents and visitors alike.  And, it is this “Ozark Mountain Spirit” that we must both preserve and pass on - for what is not intentionally preserved and passed on will change.

As someone who has a vested interest in this community, you play a vital role in preserving and passing on these Ozark Mountain Spirit values in your areas of influence.  The experiences of your customers, employees, students and those you serve are often the best source of information about how your business or organization lives out the Ozark Mountain Spirit.

In 2014, Ozark Mountain Legacy wants to give you an opportunity to testify to the presence of the Ozark Mountain Spirit in action.  Consider these examples:

  • You have seen your employees treat customers or clients in a way that reflects the essence of the Ozark Mountain Spirit.
  • You have received a “Thank You” from someone you have served that makes clear that his or her experience in Ozark Mountain Country was extra special.
  • You know a student whose life was positively impacted by these values in action at school. 

We believe that taking the time to recognize and publically celebrate the presence of the Ozark Mountain Spirit values in our community is a powerful way to acknowledge the uniqueness of this legacy and to encourage others to live it out each day.

Please take the time to share your experiences with us.  By sharing these testimonies, we hope to heighten awareness in our community of the importance of intentionally preserving and passing on our Ozark Mountain Spirit to the future generations who will live in or visit Ozark Mountain Country.

For your convenience, we have enclosed a template on which you can record your testimonies of the Ozark Mountain Spirit in action.  We thank you in advance for taking the time to submit your stories today.  Please let us know if you have any questions or need more information about Ozark Mountain Legacy.  We look forward to hearing Your Ozark Mountain Spirit Story! 

What is your Ozark Mountain Legacy Story?





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Ozark Mountain Legacy

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Legacy Builders List

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John Baltes
Silver Dollar City Foundation

Howard Boyd
Servant Foundation

Jim Brawner
Cox Health

Scott Earls
Earls Family Broadcasting

Sue Head
College of the Ozarks

Jack Herschend
Herschend Family Entertainment

Bill Malinen
Branson City Administrator

Gail Myer
VP Myer Hotels

Mike Pitman
Sight and Sound Theaters

Jory Rolf
Make Believers International
Ozark Mtn Legacy Director

Brandon Williams
W. Taney County Commissioner

Dennis Wood
Stone Co. Presiding Commissioner


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